Education processes are increasingly influenced by ICTs, and underlying analysis of big data trends and learner analytics. We need to understand this more and how it impacts people in both formal and informal education. We need to look at opportunities for effective peer learning and understand the changing roles of teachers and students. New models of blended and mobile learning are becoming more important for development and we need to ensure that education design is influenced first by relevant pedagogy and the affordances of technologies are then used to support this. But we need to modify our courses to integrate the potential of ICTs in the subjects we teach, so that our children receive an education that equips them for the future. We also need to train citizens more widely on digital literacy and issues of inclusion, privacy and the impact and implications of the footprints they are leaving in cyberspace.

Managing Knowledge and Communication for Development

One of the great pleasures I have is tutoring a postgraduate distance learning module on ‘Managing Knowledge and Communication for Development’ for the Centre for Development and Environmental Policy (CeDEP) at SOAS. This year there are nearly ninety new students ...
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