Multimedia is all things digital from audio to photos, video and animation. The key is engagement and interactivity and where education is involved to design for the context and audience starting with an effective pedagogic model rather than the technology. A range of skills need to be harnessed and managed.

Stay Gold One of the special things I hope to do on this site, is from time to time share music, stories, photos and other multimedia that fits the theme of being positive and inspiring in some way. There is a ...
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Old Bagan – From Sunrise to Sunset

Photos from a visit to Old Bagan in Myanmar, in February 2015 ...
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Maybe There’s A World My second video is from Yusuf Cat Stevens, my favourite artist from when I was very young. His best songs are often about seeking and retain the innocence of children. As Robert Chambers reminded me, quoting from Dr Seuss, ...
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