Academic research has delivered great changes to our world and provided society with countless solutions to problems whilst also introducing us to many more new problems to solve. Research in a digital age is very much about discovery and experimentation in changing social and economic contexts. How can we do this with the poorest and for their benefit? Development Dreamers will focus on this question and will see research as essentially a collective capacity development process where questions come out of context and where possible are explored in context.   There will be no major expectation that this will lead to universally applicable principles or unrealistic claims for a best practice, where a good enough practice to address the problem at hand would often be a minor miracle. Sharing knowledge and making it openly available will be a key aim, but how others use or adapt knowledge will be up to them to make sense of in their own context.

The future of knowledge sharing in a digital age

For nearly five years up until September 2014 I had the pleasure of working at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), near Brighton UK. In my final few months I got to work with three great colleagues – John Brownlee, ...
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Oculus rift demonstration

RIDE Conference – Innovations

Open Education Challenge and Emerge Education are two acceleration programmes providing grants and investment in incubating start-up companies that are innovating with new products for education. The RIDE conference showcased six exciting new initiatives, which have potential to support distance ...
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Managing Knowledge and Communication for Development

One of the great pleasures I have is tutoring a postgraduate distance learning module on ‘Managing Knowledge and Communication for Development’ for the Centre for Development and Environmental Policy (CeDEP) at SOAS. This year there are nearly ninety new students ...
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