Development dreamers provides consultancy and capacity development, and seeks to work holistically across the themes and approaches outlined above, focussing on participatory approaches to learning and research in a way that engages wherever possible with the poorest in our societies.

To achieve this we seek to bring together development dreamers (willing individuals and organisations) with the right skills and create communities and collectives of people who share similar dreams. To join up and work with Development Dreamers the first step is to share you dream for development in the digital age!


We live in a digital age, where more and more people are connected to the Internet and have mobile phones, and yet there are still huge divides and issues of digital equity.  The work on digital is looking to develop shared understanding of what is possible, and of what works, what doesn't and for whom.  At its best the digital age, helps us to communicate and engage collaboratively in development as never before.  At its worst, it reduces freedom, challenges privacy and widens the gaps between haves and have nots.  Development Dreamers will support projects and initiatives that aim to innovate and use digital technology to address the needs of the poor.

Research and critical thinking are much needed as we think about how digital technologies can support development, and how they facilitate or bring new barriers to knowledge sharing.  Digital Dreamers supports the view that openness is good for development, but does not automatically benefit all equally.  Action research is needed, that informs development of initiatives that respond to demand and that provides understanding of the types of digital services needed that are useful to the poor.

Open and distance education is becoming more influential in providing access to many who cannot access traditional education, and in providing new resources for learning.   Mass Open Online Courses, are becoming widely used, as are new online curricula from organisations such as Khan Academy.  Development Dreamers are committed to supporting online and face to face education and training related to digital development, with a focus on management of knowledge and communications for Development.

Development Dreamers provides authoring services for research, training and educational material related to digital development. This includes content for academic courses and capacity development initiatives.

Development Dreamers develops and supports sharing of multimedia content with an education or research focus, including video, audio, animations and presentations relevant to digital development.  The aim is to produce material that is well suited to different audiences and share good practice and examples from the developing country context.

Evaluations are needed throughout projects, to promote learning and enable us to make timely changes and improvements.  This ensures we are continually reflecting on outcomes both intended and unintended.  ICT4D and digital development projects exist in complex contexts where social change is non linear and unpredictable.  Development Dreamers seeks to build evaluation capacity and engages in ICT4D evaluation activities.

There is so much going on that gives us insights into successes and failures in digital development.  Development Dreamers will seek to bring some of this to wider attention through provision of reviews and links and you are invited to share reviews that can be made available on this site.  Evaluations and reviews are related but not the same, and Development Dreamers will seek to work with projects to enable productive review and reflection processes, that can support shared learning.


for the Digital Age