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RIDE Conference – Innovations

Open Education Challenge and Emerge Education are two acceleration programmes providing grants and investment in incubating start-up companies that are innovating with new products for education. The RIDE conference showcased six exciting new initiatives, which have potential to support distance and blended approaches to learning. The six initiatives were pitched on an audience who were drawn in and suitably impressed by the exciting new ideas and products being demonstrated.

The key concepts and applications represented were:

  • Helping you remember what you learn – an application that links research in cognitive and neurosciences with big data, and provides personally optimised revision paths – Domoscio.com
  • A digital library of things that can be used to creates powerful learning activities – thinkwiththings.co.uk
  • Interactive learning collaboration that exploits mobile devices and provides remote class management tools – Harnesstouch.com
  • A tool for interactively working with students on different types of documents inside a browser, and in a way that integrates with learning management systems – oceanbrowser.com
  • A ‘kind of TripAdvisor for MOOCs’ app that enables people to find and make best use of MOOCs that are right for them and collaborate with others through social media integration – groupmooc.com
  • A dashboard for learning apps that lets app develops integrate some of the core classroom and tracking features of education apps. See the quiz Alize app for an example – zzish.com

Do take a close look at the websites to discover more and note also that there will be a new Open Educational Challenge in 2015, so be ready to apply with your great ideas!