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The future of knowledge sharing in a digital age

South Africa Workshop Participants, November 2014


For nearly five years up until September 2014 I had the pleasure of working at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), near Brighton UK. In my final few months I got to work with three great colleagues – John Brownlee, Nason Bimbe and Rachel Playforth, and with the help and input of a wide range of people in UK and Africa we did a study looking at the future of knowledge sharing in a digital age focussing on the Africa and developing countries. We used foresight methodologies and were guided by Alun Rhydderch of the School of International Futures. The approach let us imagine different futures and try to figure out what needed to be done to reach 2030 in an inclusive and equitable world where we could enjoy life. The results are a policy brief and evidence report available here: